Factor effectting labour productivity

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9 Major Factors Affecting the Productivity of a Land | Economics

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Top 9 Factors Determining Efficiency of Labour | Economics

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Labour Productivity Factor

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4 Main Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Labour

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Lesson 5: Labor Markets

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Briefly it was concluded that workers problems can be. Both productivity models focus on the same factors: motivation, training, communication, tools, techniques, and rewards.

Factor affecting labour productivity

Assuming the employee is a fit for the job, much of the responsibility for worker productivity rests with the employer. In general, labor productivity refers to the measurement or unit of work that is accomplished for a designated period of time.

A contractor generally bids a scope of work based upon certain. The quantitative analysis of this paper showed strong statistical evidence that multiple labor factors can have high impact on the overall project productivity. “Longer change order processing time” corresponded to the highest productivity loss (%) in the data, whereas “overtime use” corresponded to a lower productivity loss of (7.

The eight main factors that affect productivity are: Technical factors, Production factors, Organizational factor, Personnel factors, Finance factors, Management factors, Government factors, and; Location factors. Now let's discuss briefly above listed important factors that affect productivity.

Technical factors: Productivity largely depends. Factors Affecting Productivity Factors affecting labor productivity External factors 1- country rules and economic situation 2- traffic 3- family 4- distance between workplace and house 5- weather 6- culture 7- health care 8- population (may affect positive or negative) 9.

Factor effectting labour productivity
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Eight Important Factors that Affect Productivity