Effective implementation of cheque truncation system

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Overview of Cheque Clearing and Processing

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Cheque Truncation System/Electronic Cheque Clearing System Sreedevi [ 7 ] defined CTS as an online image based cheque clearing system where cheque images and Magnetic Ink Recognition (MICR) data are captured at the collecting bank branch and transmitted electronically without the actual cheque movement of physical cheques.

Payment System Issues and Challenges1 Mr denverfoplodge41.comas, Managing Director & CEO, Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB), Mr Nandakumar, President. You can switch to cheque truncation system, by which you only receive ECD instead of the physical cheque.

This system does not only speed up the process, but also eliminate dependence on the third party, minimise operating cost and the risk of misplacing or losing the cheques in transit.

Cheque Truncation System (CTS 2010) & its Benefits

Overview of Cheque Clearing and Processing. Cheque clearing is basically a process in which interbank cheques are processed for settlement. Cheque clearing is usually done by an authorised clearing house or, in some countries, by the central bank.


perceptions, Cheque Truncation is a more secure system than the current exchange of physical documents in which the cheque moves from one point to another, thus, not only creating delays but inconvenience to the customer in case the instrument is lost in transit.

This prohibition is applicable to cheques cleared under the image based Cheque Truncation System (CTS) only and is effective from December 1, It is not applicable to cheques cleared under other clearing arrangements for the present.

Effective implementation of cheque truncation system
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