Effect of global economic meltdown on nigerian stock exchange

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What Are The Effect Of Economic Meltdown On Nigeria Economy?

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The Effect and Policy Analysis of Global Financial Crisis on Nigeria Economy

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In this problem research questions. The research will focus on the effect, global economic meltdown on the Nigeria Capital Market with special emphasis on the Nigeria Capital Market.

The research will be historical and case study research which may be limited not insufficient finances. the global economic meltdown does not significantly affect the quoted companies on the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

The reform was carried out in order to ameliorate the fall in the price of shares of quoted. Keywords: Effects, Global, Financial Crisis, Nigeria, Stock, Exchange.

I. Introduction This seminar work is “the effects of the Global financial crisis on the Nigerian stock exchange. Global economic meltdown is a topical issue because of its universal effect.


It connotes near catastrophic These have facilitated interconnectivity of banks and stock exchange markets universally The instantaneous and caustic effect of the economic meltdown on several organizational systems. With global economic recession and the growing unemployment rate along all demographic lines, there is the question of what effect will the global economic recession have on human capital.

The Effect and Policy Analysis of Global Financial Crisis on Nigeria Economy. International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration, 3(4), Vancouver.

Effect of global economic meltdown on nigerian stock exchange
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